March 26, 2018

Demo Day
What an eventful start of a new week. We are renovating our master bathroom so we can convert the walk-in shower into a roll-in for wheelchair accessibility. Demolition guys came and began to tear out the old shower pan and drywall when they hit a water pipe. All I hear is F@#$!! As you can imagine, water was spraying everywhere like a sprinkler. The guys started to run outside to look for the shutoff valve but because we live in a condo complex it was nowhere to be found. After 10 minutes of looking they had to shut off the main water supply until the plumber came to cap off the pipe. I was anticipating our neighbor to come over and complain but they never did. Thankfully! But water saturated more carpet than we were initially going to remove, so now we are going to run new flooring throughout the hallways and I can’t wait to share the completed job. Here are pictures after demo day!

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